Kireap was founded in India in April 2023 to revolutionize Farming and Transportation of goods from Demand to Delivery

Farmers, typically, struggle in achieving operating profit margin. Difficulty accessing broad markets (farm-to-market) puts downward pressure on the applied price. Additionally, issues with economies of scale, high transportation costs, and limited access to high quality inputs, financial products and lack of data driven knowledge limit productivity and yield. While part of the problem is caused by crop seasonality and farmers' proportionally high level of fixed costs, another part is caused by inefficiencies in the value chain led by multistage inefficient intermediaries. By opening the market to the producer, it will be possible to identify additional selling opportunities leading to improved transactions between buyers and sellers and consequently positively affecting the market price of end products (for the consumers).

Our initial solution is a digital platform that relies on data to connect different systems and match demand from off-takers with supply from producers in the most efficient way. This means considering crop type, distance, quantity, quality, and price. By removing intermediaries that do not add value, we want to achieve better prices for buyer and seller, while also providing ideal logistic paths through proprietary algorithms.

Our team is composed of senior professionals from the aerospace, software/technology industries and International Organisations/NGOs, with broad experiences in product design, system engineering, IT, and complex program management.

Kireap will be headquartered in Luxembourg, with operational subsidiaries planned for:

  • France - (hardware design centre, marketing & sales).
  • Germany - (advanced technology software centre).
  • India - (software centres, marketing & sales).

Kireap plans on opening additional sales and marketing subsidiaries in North America and South America.

To find out more about us, our solutions or our roadmap, contact us here.