Our Digital System [MASSs] powered by KIREAPs in-house developed Artificial Intelligence [AI] core - called Value Optimization Intelligence Core [VOICe] - seamlessly integrates multiple systems of different nature (like banks, satellite communication, (un)manned transportation systems, etc). VOICe comprises four proprietary algorithms integrated to work either independently and/or in combination, as per business needs. All four algorithms have been fully defined and developed (to be coded and operationalised in Phase 1), as follows:

  • Optimise Logistics Algorithms (OLA), derives the optimised and the best logistics options, based on distance, time, cost and payload taking into account number of suppliers and available transportation modes.
  • Optimise Forecast Algorithm (OFA), forecasts supply and demand based on regional historical data and collected data points, to generate recommendations for producers as well as to predict off-season demands and inventory management.
  • Optimise Price Algorithm (OPA), calibrates the supply-demand curve and predicts the year-long demand and consequent price fluctuations to obtain a win-win price for the producer and buyers.
  • Optimise Monitor Analytics (OMA), to analyse continuous flow of data from different sensors, different databases, imageries (satellites/aerial), to create predictive patterns and recommend effective actions to prepare an actionable insight to the users.

Complementing our Digital System [MASSs], KIREAP has also developed the blueprint of a scalable Unmanned Aerial System [UAS] ranging from small to large multipurpose drones - payload from 5 kg to 450 kg - covering both inspection and logistics tasks. This includes intellectual properties on airworthiness design, auto-pilot, flight termination and safe landing algorithms.