Farmers typically struggle to achieve operating profit margin. Crop seasonality, farmers' proportionally high level of fixed costs, and lack of data driven knowledge often limits productivity and puts a downward pressure on the applied price compounded with difficulty in accessing broad markets (farm-to-market) and inefficiencies in the value chain, led by multistage inefficient intermediaries. By identifying additional selling opportunities for producers, Kireap will contribute to improved transactions between buyers and sellers, consequently also affecting market price for end consumers.

Kireap will offer a digital platform that relies on data to match crop type, distance, quantity, quality, and price demand from off-takers with supply from producers in the most efficient way carving ideal logistic paths through proprietary algorithms, resulting in better prices for buyer and seller. With increasing of transactions our platform will achieve critical mass to make it viable for end-users to access auxiliary services like insurance, credit lines, and data-based productivity solutions. Different from big-tech, Kireap puts the producer at the center of our system, empowering them with the benefits of big data analytics, as opposed to making the producer dependent and locked into the system.


Scaling the agriculture use case while developing functionalities of the digital platform (MASSs) and strengthening system integration.

Revenues of agriculture use case, led by a volume-driven business model. Kireap will capture the multistage inefficient intermediaries’ margins, increasing average prices year on year while reducing average Off-taker’s costs.